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Chasing Ice (2012)

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Documentary


One of the largest debates in government, and amongst human beings in general is the reality of Climate Change. There are numerous aspects that come together to create the concept of “Climate Change”. For example, sea level rise, global Chasing Ice breakdownwarming, changing weather patterns, and many more variables. But in this film (Chasing Ice) they primary focus on the melting of our earths glaciers and the impact it will have on our planet.

Many documentaries focusing on climate change or environmental studies generally use their air time to discuss statistics and computer models, while the viewers eyes begin to glaze over and thus lose interest. James Balog (a leader in photographing and interpreting nature) wanted to try a different approach of informing and educating the public. Him and his team with the Extreme Ice Survey setup cameras all over Greenland, Iceland, and Alaska to take automatic pictures of specific glaciers, every hour, for three years. Giving E.I.S not only breath-taking images, but horrifying proof of accelerated climate change.

Chasing Ice offers amazing views of some of our worlds gorgeous frozen tundras and huge glaciers, filmed in the most isolated locations imaginable. But while you take in the scenery, and follow James on his adventures like a member of his crew, you suddenly realize your actually learning, and being informed of a serious situation that will not only affect us in this century, but will devastate our children’s environmental future.

I strongly suggest this movie to anyone that enjoys adventure films, because Chasing Ice delivers that and more. It is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, but also on most digital sources like VUDU, Amazon, etc. Pick up or rent your copy today!

By: Jeremy Kerber

Chasing Ice




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The end of the world concept has been an obsession with the human race well before movies were even around. But ever since movies became popular there have been doomsday films, whether its death by zombies, meteor, or global warming, 2012 breakdownwe don’t care, as long as the world as we know it ceases to exist, and the movie “2012” delivers just that!

This elaborate, over the top film takes you on a mind-blowing, visually stimulating ride while an ordinary family travels around the world in the hopes to find salvation. Although the graphics are amazing, and every scene keeps you up right in your chair, I feel they over did the movie.

It’s as if they took every “end of days” movie and tried to compress them all into one. Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) is a struggling writer who rents a plane with a wrist watch, in an attempt to save his divided family, and fly to safety after he learns about large ships the government is building, in china. After a series of “lucky” coincidences they make it to China, where they find seven fully built super arks that Chinese workers built-in only a few short months. (My landlord still hasn’t fixed a hallway light, and its been 3 years) The family miraculously makes it on board with the help of a desperate Chinese worker trying to save his own family. Once on board, the killer tidal wave hits the ships, and they all sail off into the sunset in search of a safe haven.

I am giving this movie a 6/10 for the visuals and the concept of super arks. If they had gone with a slightly less over the top script, it could have been a 10/10 doomsday film! 2012 has been on DVD and Blu-ray since 2009. It is kid friendly and a good film for those rainy days!

By: Jeremy Kerber


Marvel vs. DC


Factual Background

  1. Marvel and DC are rival comic book companies
  2. Marvel and DC occasionally cross paths
  3. Marvel and DC are comparable to Pepsi vs Coke


Focusing solely on the movie franchise of these two companies (Comparison to comics and video games aside), each of these companies continues to feed our desire for a good vs. evil, heroes vs. villains adventure. Marvel and DC have been trying to out do one another since before movies were even involved, yet still to this day their rivalry grows as their series grows.


Marvel/DC Similaritys

Many of you are probably wondering what I meant when I said Marvel vs. DC is comparable to Pepsi vs. Coke, and its simple. Coke makes Sprint, while Pepsi makes Sierra Mist. Pepsi makes Dr. Pepper, while coke makes Mr Pibb. So how does this relate you ask? DC has Batman, while Marvel has Iron-man, both billionaire play boys who got bored and wanted to “tinker”. Marvel has Thor, while DC has superman, both being from another world while they swear to protect earth against all domestic and galactical enemy’s. There are many, many more comparable characters, but this shows just how truly similar Marvel and DC characters really are.


Live Action vs. Animated

Within the comic book movie world there is still another very distinctive line. On one hand you have the “Live-Action” movies with actors playing the part of a character, but on the other hand you have the “Animated” movies that are exactly as they sound, “Animated Comics”. Most die-hard comic book fans prefer these over live-action due to their more authentic plots. I on the other hand prefer the live-action movies, because with all the developments in CGI, the movies are becoming more and more epic.

Where Marvel succeeds

Marvel is a $4.2 billion dollar company that has been around since the 1939’s and was originally called “Timely Publications”. From the beginning they were always coming up with better characters as the generations changed. In 1944 they released their first ever live-action movie, Captain America. Which captured the heart’s and soul’s of many Americans due to years of fighting in World War 2. Ever since than, Marvel has kept on the cutting edge of film making, making longer, more detailed, and just down right epic movies; and with the sale of Marvel Studios to Disney Productions, we may see even better movies being produced.


Where Marvel Fails

Marvel has one very bad habits, and I think we can all agree…reboots. They are constantly rebooting a series, whether it’s for a profit or due to writer developments, I do not know, but I do know it happens often. Hopefully with this current series we will have a few years of the same actors to characters.

Where DC Succeeds

DC Comics has been around for a few years longer than Marvel, starting in 1943 as “National Allied Publications”. They are well-funded by their parents company being the Warner Bros Entertainment inc. DC has some out standing writers that have come up with amazing characters like, Batman, Superman, The Green-lantern, and many many more. they’ve focused most of their time and money on comics, releasing the occasional movie to satisfy fans, which in a way has kept them on top of the comic book world.


That’s just a brief look into the history, similarity, and differences between Marvel and DC. There have been many times where the two companies combined forces for the ultimate adventure, and I’m sure we will be seeing that again very soon! Until next time, this has been Cinema Junky with, Marvel vs. DC!





Have you ever had to call 911? How would you feel if Halle Berry showed up to save the day?The Call breakdown

This crime thriller is based in Los Angeles, California where you will follow a 911 dispatcher named Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) go about her normal day with L.A.P.D Dispatch. Unfortunately this is no ordinary day for Jordan when she receives a horrific call that she becomes emotionally involved in and going well beyond the duties of her job.

The Call” was a reasonably good movie until the last half hour when Jordan takes the case into her own hands, out wit’s a crime scene unit, and saves the day. I originally was going to give this movie an 8, but after the ending of this movie it received a 5 for at least providing a little entertainment.

The Call is now available on DVD & Blu-ray. I do no recommend this movie for children due to violence and adult content.

By: Jeremy Kerber




Jackie Robinson. A black man in white baseball”. A quote by Branch Ricky (Harrison Ford) which sums up the plot of “42”. If your worried about another movie focusing on the game of baseball, you’ll be happy to know baseball is only a 42 breakdownsmall part of this dynamic movie.  The writers primarily focus on the challenges Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) faces while on the road to becoming a professional baseball player.

Harrison Ford delivers one of his best performances yet. Filling the role of Branch Ricky, a team executive who leaves the baseball industry speechless when he signs Jackie Robinson, a black man to the Brooklyn Dodgers, a white man team.

42 receives a 10/10, for its excellent plot, out standing acting, and the writers ability to focus on the story of Jackie Robinson and not the game of baseball itself. This was truly an inspirational, feel-good movie!

42 is now available on DVD & Blu-ray, and will be on my Top Picks list!

By: Jeremy Kerber




Most boys dream about becoming an astronaut when they grow up. But one determined farmer played by Bill Bob Thornton turns his dream into a reality! This family drama inspires you to follow your dreams, against all odds, and shows just Astronaut Farmer breakdownhow far a family is willing to go to put a crazy farmer into space!

Although the film is a little far fetch, the writers do a good job of making it as believable as possible. Charles Farmer (Bill Bob Thornton) was a NASA astronaut candidate when his father died, killing his chance of making it into space. But with the help of his son, Shepherd Farmer (Max Thieriot), an engineering degree, and the support from the rest of his family, this farmer follows his dream!

The Astronaut Farmer receives a 8/10 for its inspirational message to always follow your dreams, and the writers attempts to make the plot as believable as possible. I recommend this as a great family movie choice!

By: Jeremy Kerber




Many movie critics will label a film as a, “feel good movie” or as “eye-opening” but this is the first film I can actually say that about. In all my years, I have never watched a more inspirational, feel-good movie, sprinkled with a little heart Ultimate Gift breakdownbreak only to deepen the message of the movie.

The writers of “The Ultimate Gift” not only delivered a spectacular film, but leave you with a message that keeps you thinking for days, “Do I have a dream, and have I acted on it?” and that my friends is good writing!

James Garner, who plays the role of Howard Stevens, a dead billionaire and grandfather to Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller) plays a small yet momentous part in this film, leading Jason down a path build character, follow dreams, and teach him that when you have no dreams, make dreams of others come true!

With no doubt this movie received a 10/10. Any movie that leaves you inspired and taking a look into your own character is a top-notch film. The Ultimate Gift has been out since 2007 and is now on my Top Picks category. Pick it up today for a fantastic family movie night!

By: Jeremy Kerber




World War Z is a full throttle, high-speed zombie movie guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. A mixture of drama, adventure, and of course zombie killing keeps the viewer immersed in the movie just waiting to see what happens World War Z breakdownnext, incomparable to other top shelf zombie movies like “Dawn of the Dead” or the “28 Days later” series.

Brad Pitt did an excellent job balancing his normal kick ass attitude with a passive aggressive United Nations employee. The plot is very believable and not to far-fetched, and refreshing to see our worlds governments surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Setting this movie apart from others, instead of a man-made virus infecting the world, World War Z’s infection started from mother nature. As a scientist states in the movie, “Mother nature is a serial killer, she wants to get caught, she leaves bread crumbs, she leaves clues, and she knows how to disguise her weakness as strength” bringing an extra layer of realism to the movie.

I gave World War Z a 9/10 because although epic, they rushed the movie. You find your self quickly jumping from one country to the next, finding clues related to the out break, but never spending enough time in one spot to fully go into detail. This is a text-book movie vs. book paradox.

World War Z is still in theaters, but once released to DVD & Blu-Ray, it will be on my Must have/Top picks categories!

By: Jeremy Kerber




Fools Gold is a hilariously funny adventure that takes you on the search for a mysterious sunken pirate ship, lost treasure, and true love. Based in the Caribbean, they decided to film the movie in Queensland, Australia due to hurricane season, offering Fools Gold breakdownbreath-taking views and also reuniting the “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” stars, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson who play two treasure hunters, Finn and Tess. Bringing a dynamic, comical performance to this film.

Tom Cruise was originally considered for the role of Finn, and although Tom Cruise is a fantastic actor, Matthew McConaughey fits this role like a glove. His “surfer dude” attitude, and his love for acting with out a shirt on are just what bring this movie from good to great. The writers did a superb job keeping the viewer on their toes, going on underwater adventures, riding on fancy yacht, even trash landing an airplane.

This film receives an 8/10 for an excellent plot and superior acting. But I had to knock a few points off because there is still a lot of “stupid humor” through out the movie that wont appeal to a particular audience.

Fools Gold has been out on DVD & Blu-ray and is a good laugh for the whole family!

by: Jeremy Kerber




Yet again, another blockbusted film written, directed, and produced by Judd Apatow. “This is 40” wasn’t nearly as bad as “Funny People” that I recently wrote a review about, but neither movies compare to some of his Blockbuster hits likeThis is 40 breakdown “The 40-year-old virgin” or “Pineapple Express”. Thank god his daughters are better actresses than he is as a writer, Maude Apatow (Sodie) and Iris Apatow(Charlotte) who play the daughters of Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) were hilariously funny, obviously bringing their real life sisterhood into the movie, giving it a more authentic feel.

This “comedy” felt more like a Lifetime drama, loaded with heart-break, back stabbing, and lots of non-funny family drama. (Cause we all know how funny family drama can be) There are some humorous scenes, and even some steamy ones with Leslie Mann showing some skin, which does make this train wreck a little more tolerable. They even offer some educational advice; according to Barry (Robert Smigel), Pete’s riding buddy, “You are never to tell your wife you took a Viagra, and that those instructions are even printed on the bottle!” I guess I’ve broken a pretty serious man law!!

To sum this up, I’m giving this film a 5/10. As a whole, it wasn’t a horrible movie, just not a very funny comedy. I do not recommend this film for children due to the extreme language and detailed sex scenes.