Fools Gold is a hilariously funny adventure that takes you on the search for a mysterious sunken pirate ship, lost treasure, and true love. Based in the Caribbean, they decided to film the movie in Queensland, Australia due to hurricane season, offering Fools Gold breakdownbreath-taking views and also reuniting the “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” stars, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson who play two treasure hunters, Finn and Tess. Bringing a dynamic, comical performance to this film.

Tom Cruise was originally considered for the role of Finn, and although Tom Cruise is a fantastic actor, Matthew McConaughey fits this role like a glove. His “surfer dude” attitude, and his love for acting with out a shirt on are just what bring this movie from good to great. The writers did a superb job keeping the viewer on their toes, going on underwater adventures, riding on fancy yacht, even trash landing an airplane.

This film receives an 8/10 for an excellent plot and superior acting. But I had to knock a few points off because there is still a lot of “stupid humor” through out the movie that wont appeal to a particular audience.

Fools Gold has been out on DVD & Blu-ray and is a good laugh for the whole family!

by: Jeremy Kerber

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