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Life’s about moments of impact, and how they change our lives forever. But what if one day you could no longer remember any of them? Well in this romantic drama, on a cold snowy night, Leo (Channing Tatum) and his wife Paige Breakdown(Rachel McAdams) were on their way home when they are suddenly struck by a snow plow. They both wake up dazed and confused at the hospital, but tragically, Paige cant remember her husband, or the life they built together. Leo spends the rest of the movie trying to win the love of his wife back!

I thoroughly enjoyed “The Vow“. It really puts how fragile and short life can be at times, in a romantic, yet dramatic way. This film became even more inspiring when I learned it was actually loosely based off a true story! They Vow receives a 9/10 score and is highly recommended to all ages.

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In this epic sequel to “28 Days Later“, the United States Army moves into London, UK six months after the initial outbreak to create a small safe zone in the heart of the city. Their mission is to secure, rebuild, and repopulate great BreakdownBritain. Everything is going as planned when all hell breaks loose and a handful of individuals must make it to safety!

Its no secret that I enjoy a good zombie movie, but both “28 Days Later”, and “28 Weeks Later” have taken the zombie industry to a whole new level. The military presence in 28 Weeks Later definitely makes it more interesting and gives the civilian population a greater chance of survival. This film receives a 8/10 for how realistic they make it feel and the amount of detail they go into.

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Have any of you ever had a stalker in your life? Well in this B-Grade comedy, Steve (Bradley Cooper), a camera man for a local news agency is setup by his mother on a blind date with Mary (Sandra Bullock), and she turns out to be a Breakdownclass A stalker! Mary takes a comment wrong on the first date and believes that Steve wants her to travel with him around the country. She than spends the next few weeks tracking down Steve at his various work sites!

I went into this movie looking for a feel-good, romantic comedy. But sadly I was met with a B-Grade, half assed comedy that didn’t bring much to the movie screen. “All About Steve” has actually received two Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies) for being the worst movie of 2009. I will be giving this film a 3/10 for the little bit of humor you do receive, and Sandra Bullocks unique acting style in this particular movie.

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When Cale (Channing Tatum), a U.S. Capital Police Officer decides to take his daughter Emily (Joey King) along with him to the White House for an interview with the secret service, they find themselves in the middle of a hostile take Breakdownover by a man with a personal vendetta looking for revenge, and a team of mercenaries looking to make a quick buck by capturing the president and the White House. It now is solely up to Cale to get the President (Jamie Fox) and his daughter Emily to safety!

White House Down was an acceptable movie. I would have given it a better rating than 7/10 if I hadn’t just watch an identical movie a few months ago (Olympus has Fallen). Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox bring a comical relationship to the screen from the start giving this film a lighter, more entertaining feel while still providing some kick ass scenes, like when Cale and the President drive across the lawn of the White House in the presidential limo trying to escape while being chased by mercenaries with mini guns.

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“R.I.P.D”, The Rest in Peace Department. When Nick (Ryan Reynolds) is killed while on duty with the Boston PD, he finds him self thrown back into a Breakdownworld of law and order, The R.I.P.D. He is partnered with Roy (Jeff Bridges) and it is their job to hunt down the souls that have slipped threw the cracks on their way to the after life.

I was rather disappointed with this film. The concept behind the idea could have been something amazing, but I feel they fell short and didn’t put the time into the film. Its as if they tried to combined “Men in Black“, “Constantine“, and “Supernatural” to create one movie.

R.I.P.D receives a 5/10, it was still an enjoyable movie to watch, just didn’t live up to expectations. It would make a great family movie!

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Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie star in this dramatic thriller, “The Tourist“. This film starts out as every mans dream. Your a single guy in Europe travelingBreakdown on a train when an attractive woman comes up and starts to flirt with you!

The tourist offers a wide variety of genres, has a feel of a romance, lots of action thrown in, all topped with some comedy! Elise (Angelina Jolie) is under surveillance by the French Police when she receives a note from Alex Pearce (Her lover) instructing her to board a train to Venice, pick a man that looks like him, and make the police believe its him! The man she happens to pick is Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp), a community college math teacher. You spend the majority of the movie watching a complicated romance bloom between the two unlikely pair, but the end is quite a surprise and will catch you off guard!

This film receives a 7/10 for a very unique and well written plot, and I always love a twist at the end! Great movie for the whole family, although some parts small children might not understand.

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The Purge, a whole new out look on crime control! Once a year from 7 pm to 7 am all emergency services are suspended and all crimes become legal. BreakdownJames Sandin (Ethan Hawke) is a home security salesman who lives in a private, safe community with his family. During the purge, Charlie Sandin (Max Burkholder) spots a man in danger and feeling bad for him, lets him into the house. Unfortunately this man is being hunted by a pack of privileged individuals and they threaten the Sandins to release the man to them or they will come in and kill everyone!

This movie was rather enjoyable, it actually touches on a true aspect of human nature, we are all primal somewhere deep inside. The purge allows for a 12 hour release! I don’t condone it but in many ways already exists in video games or violet movies (Like this one). The Purge receives a 6/10 for ingenuity and cleaver thinking, but could have been better!

By: Cinema Junky

930353 - Captain Phillips



“God I wanna throw a shield at somebody” stated Tom Hanks during an interview with Showbiz411 about his new movie, “Captain Phillips”; when he proclaimed his desire to play a superhero! But even though he hasn’t gotten to playBreakdown a superhero, he did a remarkable job playing a merchant mariner, Captain Phillips. Tom Hanks spend days with Richard Phillips (The real captain of the Maersk Alabama) learning his personality and hearing about Richards horrific experience first hand.

Tom Hanks describes the movie best when he says, “This film is anxiety filled yet very entertaining.” He is completely correct, throughout the whole movie I was literally on the edge of my seat and couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Some crew members of the Maersk Alabama are unhappy with the movie, saying that it doesn’t show the real life events properly and that Captain Phillips shouldn’t have been portrayed as a hero since it was his arrogance that put them in pirate infested waters. But I didn’t see him being portrayed as a hero, just merely a victim.

“Captain Phillips” receives a 10/10, director Paul Greengrass and legendary actor Tom Hanks went above and beyond to reveal what really happened on board the Maersk Alabama, yet keeping it entertaining! This film is a little heavy for children, but is only rated PG-13.

By: Cinema Junky

Maersk Alabama hijacking

Maersk Alabama hijacking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Richard Phillips

English: Richard Phillips (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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“I hate space”, says Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), offering some comical relief to this intense science fiction thriller, while she floats alone in space! Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and Ryan Stone ( Sandra Bullock) make a fantastic team together, you can just feel theBreakdown chemistry radiate off the movie screen; although the original casting had Angelina Jolie & Robert Downey Jr, I feel the movie was superb with who performed!

I was originally concerned I wouldn’t enjoy gravity due to the fact the trailers reminded me of “Open Water” and were very cryptic. But it was a pleasant suprise to be wrong! The movie languished in development for four years because director Cauron was unhappy with the technology of the time and wanted to wait for it to improve so he could satisfy his vision for the movie. During the “Space Walk” scenes, they actually only filmed the faces of the actors and digitally created their bodies to give them a more realistic movement.

Gravity receives a 10/10 for its dynamic scale and impressive detail that they went into to give you an authentic space experience! Catch this thriller on an IMAX 3D screen now for the full affect before its to late!

By: Cinema Junky