White House Down (2013)

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Action
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When Cale (Channing Tatum), a U.S. Capital Police Officer decides to take his daughter Emily (Joey King) along with him to the White House for an interview with the secret service, they find themselves in the middle of a hostile take Breakdownover by a man with a personal vendetta looking for revenge, and a team of mercenaries looking to make a quick buck by capturing the president and the White House. It now is solely up to Cale to get the President (Jamie Fox) and his daughter Emily to safety!

White House Down was an acceptable movie. I would have given it a better rating than 7/10 if I hadn’t just watch an identical movie a few months ago (Olympus has Fallen). Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox bring a comical relationship to the screen from the start giving this film a lighter, more entertaining feel while still providing some kick ass scenes, like when Cale and the President drive across the lawn of the White House in the presidential limo trying to escape while being chased by mercenaries with mini guns.

By: Cinema Junky


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