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Everyone loves to know the back story of how a superhero gets their start, and in this epic remake of Captain America, played by Chris Evans, they do just that! Captain America or aka Steve Rogers is a scrony kid from Brooklyn, NY Breakdownattempting to become a soldier in the U.S. Army but is repeatedly turn down due to his size and health issues. One day Doctor Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) comes to him and offers him a one time chance of a life time to prove everyone wrong, and show that the little guy has what it takes!

I’ve been a long time Captain America fan, read all the comics, and have seen all the movies; and I must say, I LOVED this remake! Chris Evans did a fantastic job playing the humble, yet kick ass Captain America! With all that said, this movie recieves a 9/10 and is highly recommended and kid friendly!

By: Cinema Junky





When Cale (Channing Tatum), a U.S. Capital Police Officer decides to take his daughter Emily (Joey King) along with him to the White House for an interview with the secret service, they find themselves in the middle of a hostile take Breakdownover by a man with a personal vendetta looking for revenge, and a team of mercenaries looking to make a quick buck by capturing the president and the White House. It now is solely up to Cale to get the President (Jamie Fox) and his daughter Emily to safety!

White House Down was an acceptable movie. I would have given it a better rating than 7/10 if I hadn’t just watch an identical movie a few months ago (Olympus has Fallen). Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox bring a comical relationship to the screen from the start giving this film a lighter, more entertaining feel while still providing some kick ass scenes, like when Cale and the President drive across the lawn of the White House in the presidential limo trying to escape while being chased by mercenaries with mini guns.

By: Cinema Junky




“R.I.P.D”, The Rest in Peace Department. When Nick (Ryan Reynolds) is killed while on duty with the Boston PD, he finds him self thrown back into a Breakdownworld of law and order, The R.I.P.D. He is partnered with Roy (Jeff Bridges) and it is their job to hunt down the souls that have slipped threw the cracks on their way to the after life.

I was rather disappointed with this film. The concept behind the idea could have been something amazing, but I feel they fell short and didn’t put the time into the film. Its as if they tried to combined “Men in Black“, “Constantine“, and “Supernatural” to create one movie.

R.I.P.D receives a 5/10, it was still an enjoyable movie to watch, just didn’t live up to expectations. It would make a great family movie!

By Cinema Junky





Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie star in this dramatic thriller, “The Tourist“. This film starts out as every mans dream. Your a single guy in Europe travelingBreakdown on a train when an attractive woman comes up and starts to flirt with you!

The tourist offers a wide variety of genres, has a feel of a romance, lots of action thrown in, all topped with some comedy! Elise (Angelina Jolie) is under surveillance by the French Police when she receives a note from Alex Pearce (Her lover) instructing her to board a train to Venice, pick a man that looks like him, and make the police believe its him! The man she happens to pick is Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp), a community college math teacher. You spend the majority of the movie watching a complicated romance bloom between the two unlikely pair, but the end is quite a surprise and will catch you off guard!

This film receives a 7/10 for a very unique and well written plot, and I always love a twist at the end! Great movie for the whole family, although some parts small children might not understand.

By: Cinema Junky





“I’ll be back”, “Yippie Kay Yay”, “I only work a lone”. Just a few of the catch phrases that come from some of the legendary action movie stars that you are gonna see in “Expendables 2″.  Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger Expendables 2 Breakdown(god he has a long last name to spell) actually have a more substantial role in this film compared to the first Expendables. Since every one is curious of the “Top Cast Members” here is a list: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude van damme, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Terry Crews. During production one stuntman died and another was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

If you are looking for a major change from the first Expendables, you will be disappointed. Its still just a movie with the most famous action movie actors doing what they do best, kicking ass and using their overly used and cheesy lines. But occasionally its nice to have a mindless movie with lots of explosions and testosterone!

Expendables two received a 6/10. The plot wasn’t horrible, flowed well, and didn’t bore me! Of course the acting was epic, and with all the explosions, special effects, and ass kicking, I found it hard not to give it a 10/10, but due to its similarity to the first, I had to knock a few points off.

By: Jeremy Kerber




World War Z is a full throttle, high-speed zombie movie guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. A mixture of drama, adventure, and of course zombie killing keeps the viewer immersed in the movie just waiting to see what happens World War Z breakdownnext, incomparable to other top shelf zombie movies like “Dawn of the Dead” or the “28 Days later” series.

Brad Pitt did an excellent job balancing his normal kick ass attitude with a passive aggressive United Nations employee. The plot is very believable and not to far-fetched, and refreshing to see our worlds governments surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Setting this movie apart from others, instead of a man-made virus infecting the world, World War Z’s infection started from mother nature. As a scientist states in the movie, “Mother nature is a serial killer, she wants to get caught, she leaves bread crumbs, she leaves clues, and she knows how to disguise her weakness as strength” bringing an extra layer of realism to the movie.

I gave World War Z a 9/10 because although epic, they rushed the movie. You find your self quickly jumping from one country to the next, finding clues related to the out break, but never spending enough time in one spot to fully go into detail. This is a text-book movie vs. book paradox.

World War Z is still in theaters, but once released to DVD & Blu-Ray, it will be on my Must have/Top picks categories!

By: Jeremy Kerber


The movie Jack Reacher is a Grade-A movie. The film is based on a Lee Child’s novel called “One Shot” and surprisingly they keep true to even the smallest details; although the writers did enjoy a Jack Reacherl Breakdownfew small changes. For example in the Jack Reacher book series he always used former presidents names as aliases, but in the movie he uses multiple former baseball player names.

They begin the movie with Barr (Joseph Sikora), a former US Army Sniper, killing five innocent civilians in front of the PNC Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a M14 Rifle. Your immediately wondering whats going on, and why did he suddenly kill all those people. But luckily they don’t make you wait long, because while in custody he asks to see former C.I.D Major Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise). Reacher is a kinda cop, he doesn’t care about proof, he doesn’t care about the law, he only cares about whats right; and that holds true throughout thee entire film.

I’m pleased they picked Tom Cruise for the Jack Reacher role. He brings his tough guy attitude, yet sarcastic sense of humor to the movie. This offers a slight comical relief in this high-speed, shoot’em up style film.

All in all I gave this movie a four out of 5 stars because it was an enjoyable film to watch, kept me entertained, and focused through out thee entire showing, and Tom Cruise once again exceeded my expectations. I knocked one star off due to a lack of performance from the main bad guy known as “The Zec” (Werner Herzog), and I felt they rushed you along from scene to scene to cram in as much as they could into the 2h and 10min film.

Jack Reacher is already on DVD & Blu-ray, definitely rent worthy!

by: Jeremy Kerber

Skyfall Banner

Skyfall BreakdownSkyfall is the 23rd James Bond movie filmed by Eod Productions. But by my standards ranked number one in the film series. This movie offers a healthy balance between action, drama, and the good old fashion 007 flair. It begins with a chase scene leading from foot, to car, to motorcycle, and finally a train where James Bond (Daniel Craig) and a dangerous assassin (Ola Rapace) fight over a stolen hard drive with the identity of the worlds deep cover agents loaded on it. The scene ends with Bond being shot by his partner (Naomie Harris) and falling off the train to a river below, while the assassin vanishes into the darkness of a train tunnel, hard drive still in hand.

This opening scene sets the tone for the remainder of the movie, like most 007 movies, starting with a bang. After a series of unfortunate events, and the bombing of MI6, Bond returns from the dead ready to serve queen and country. He than spends the remainder of the movie tracking down clues to who stole the hard drive and where to find them.

Through out the entire movie Bond is portrayed as old and unfit for duty; but he was anything but. Daniel Craig brought life back into the role of James Bond with his witty, yet dry sense of humor, his volatile attitude, and rigid good looks. He has breathed a breath of fresh air into the 007 series, which was refreshing after years of Pierce Brosnan’s B-Grade acting and pop diva attitude.

By far the best 007 movie filmed in decades, and arguably the best one yet. Skyfall sets up Eod Productions with a fresh start and fresh look of the 007 series with Daniel Craig as James Bond, Naomie Harris as Money Penny, and Ralph Fiennes as M. I believe Craig’s career as James Bond will rival Sean Connery‘s by popularity and longevity!

Skyfall is already on DVD & Blue-ray, defiantly on my rent/pick up list!!!

by: Jeremy Kerber