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The end of the world concept has been an obsession with the human race well before movies were even around. But ever since movies became popular there have been doomsday films, whether its death by zombies, meteor, or global warming, 2012 breakdownwe don’t care, as long as the world as we know it ceases to exist, and the movie “2012” delivers just that!

This elaborate, over the top film takes you on a mind-blowing, visually stimulating ride while an ordinary family travels around the world in the hopes to find salvation. Although the graphics are amazing, and every scene keeps you up right in your chair, I feel they over did the movie.

It’s as if they took every “end of days” movie and tried to compress them all into one. Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) is a struggling writer who rents a plane with a wrist watch, in an attempt to save his divided family, and fly to safety after he learns about large ships the government is building, in china. After a series of “lucky” coincidences they make it to China, where they find seven fully built super arks that Chinese workers built-in only a few short months. (My landlord still hasn’t fixed a hallway light, and its been 3 years) The family miraculously makes it on board with the help of a desperate Chinese worker trying to save his own family. Once on board, the killer tidal wave hits the ships, and they all sail off into the sunset in search of a safe haven.

I am giving this movie a 6/10 for the visuals and the concept of super arks. If they had gone with a slightly less over the top script, it could have been a 10/10 doomsday film! 2012 has been on DVD and Blu-ray since 2009. It is kid friendly and a good film for those rainy days!

By: Jeremy Kerber