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Posted: October 3, 2013 in Articles


Marvel vs. DC


Factual Background

  1. Marvel and DC are rival comic book companies
  2. Marvel and DC occasionally cross paths
  3. Marvel and DC are comparable to Pepsi vs Coke


Focusing solely on the movie franchise of these two companies (Comparison to comics and video games aside), each of these companies continues to feed our desire for a good vs. evil, heroes vs. villains adventure. Marvel and DC have been trying to out do one another since before movies were even involved, yet still to this day their rivalry grows as their series grows.


Marvel/DC Similaritys

Many of you are probably wondering what I meant when I said Marvel vs. DC is comparable to Pepsi vs. Coke, and its simple. Coke makes Sprint, while Pepsi makes Sierra Mist. Pepsi makes Dr. Pepper, while coke makes Mr Pibb. So how does this relate you ask? DC has Batman, while Marvel has Iron-man, both billionaire play boys who got bored and wanted to “tinker”. Marvel has Thor, while DC has superman, both being from another world while they swear to protect earth against all domestic and galactical enemy’s. There are many, many more comparable characters, but this shows just how truly similar Marvel and DC characters really are.


Live Action vs. Animated

Within the comic book movie world there is still another very distinctive line. On one hand you have the “Live-Action” movies with actors playing the part of a character, but on the other hand you have the “Animated” movies that are exactly as they sound, “Animated Comics”. Most die-hard comic book fans prefer these over live-action due to their more authentic plots. I on the other hand prefer the live-action movies, because with all the developments in CGI, the movies are becoming more and more epic.

Where Marvel succeeds

Marvel is a $4.2 billion dollar company that has been around since the 1939’s and was originally called “Timely Publications”. From the beginning they were always coming up with better characters as the generations changed. In 1944 they released their first ever live-action movie, Captain America. Which captured the heart’s and soul’s of many Americans due to years of fighting in World War 2. Ever since than, Marvel has kept on the cutting edge of film making, making longer, more detailed, and just down right epic movies; and with the sale of Marvel Studios to Disney Productions, we may see even better movies being produced.


Where Marvel Fails

Marvel has one very bad habits, and I think we can all agree…reboots. They are constantly rebooting a series, whether it’s for a profit or due to writer developments, I do not know, but I do know it happens often. Hopefully with this current series we will have a few years of the same actors to characters.

Where DC Succeeds

DC Comics has been around for a few years longer than Marvel, starting in 1943 as “National Allied Publications”. They are well-funded by their parents company being the Warner Bros Entertainment inc. DC has some out standing writers that have come up with amazing characters like, Batman, Superman, The Green-lantern, and many many more. they’ve focused most of their time and money on comics, releasing the occasional movie to satisfy fans, which in a way has kept them on top of the comic book world.


That’s just a brief look into the history, similarity, and differences between Marvel and DC. There have been many times where the two companies combined forces for the ultimate adventure, and I’m sure we will be seeing that again very soon! Until next time, this has been Cinema Junky with, Marvel vs. DC!



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Keep in mind these are just two options out of many! You can also look into amazon instant stream, Hulu, CinemaNow, or just a good old fashion DVD/Blu-Ray hard copy. So no matter which service you go with, you are bound to find something that fits your needs.

by: Jeremy Kerber