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Chasing Ice (2012)

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Documentary


One of the largest debates in government, and amongst human beings in general is the reality of Climate Change. There are numerous aspects that come together to create the concept of “Climate Change”. For example, sea level rise, global Chasing Ice breakdownwarming, changing weather patterns, and many more variables. But in this film (Chasing Ice) they primary focus on the melting of our earths glaciers and the impact it will have on our planet.

Many documentaries focusing on climate change or environmental studies generally use their air time to discuss statistics and computer models, while the viewers eyes begin to glaze over and thus lose interest. James Balog (a leader in photographing and interpreting nature) wanted to try a different approach of informing and educating the public. Him and his team with the Extreme Ice Survey setup cameras all over Greenland, Iceland, and Alaska to take automatic pictures of specific glaciers, every hour, for three years. Giving E.I.S not only breath-taking images, but horrifying proof of accelerated climate change.

Chasing Ice offers amazing views of some of our worlds gorgeous frozen tundras and huge glaciers, filmed in the most isolated locations imaginable. But while you take in the scenery, and follow James on his adventures like a member of his crew, you suddenly realize your actually learning, and being informed of a serious situation that will not only affect us in this century, but will devastate our children’s environmental future.

I strongly suggest this movie to anyone that enjoys adventure films, because Chasing Ice delivers that and more. It is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, but also on most digital sources like VUDU, Amazon, etc. Pick up or rent your copy today!

By: Jeremy Kerber

Chasing Ice