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Most boys dream about becoming an astronaut when they grow up. But one determined farmer played by Bill Bob Thornton turns his dream into a reality! This family drama inspires you to follow your dreams, against all odds, and shows just Astronaut Farmer breakdownhow far a family is willing to go to put a crazy farmer into space!

Although the film is a little far fetch, the writers do a good job of making it as believable as possible. Charles Farmer (Bill Bob Thornton) was a NASA astronaut candidate when his father died, killing his chance of making it into space. But with the help of his son, Shepherd Farmer (Max Thieriot), an engineering degree, and the support from the rest of his family, this farmer follows his dream!

The Astronaut Farmer receives a 8/10 for its inspirational message to always follow your dreams, and the writers attempts to make the plot as believable as possible. I recommend this as a great family movie choice!

By: Jeremy Kerber