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From the director that brought you Hellboy and Blade 2 brings you yet again another scifi thriller with lots of creatures and ass kicking, “Pacific Rim”. Travis Beacham, the screen writer for this film, originally got the idea while walking Breakdownalong the California coast on a foggy day when a pier looked like a creature walking out of the ocean; and he imagined a robot waiting on the coastline to greet it.

Idris Elba does a fantastic job of adding that military aspect to the film when he plays Stacker Penecost, an Army General, Tom Cruise was originially considered for this role but had scheduling issues. Pacific Rim has a unique feeling, Its “Reel Steel” meets, “The Matrix“, Meets “Godzilla“, truly a one of a kind movie!

The film only receives an 8/10 for two reasons. I felt that in the beginning they rushed the back story on the MAIN CHARACTER and the history of the “Jaeger Program”. Second, right towards the end they try to throw some romance in. I feel if your going to make a sci-fi action thriller, stay consistent because it kinda suddenly throws you off! But other than that, superb movie and deffinitly a suggested watch and kid approved!

By: Cinema Junky






Wow, thats the first thought that comes to mind when I think of the movie “Elysium”. I originally wasn’t that interested in seeing this film, from the previews it didn’t seem like a movie worth seeing in theaters. But oh boy was I Breakdownwrong, it was just down right awesome!

Elysium had the feeling of “Water World” and “Dooms Day”, but kick-ass futuristic weapons and vehicles thrown in and you have your self a movie! For all you “HALO” fans, you may actually recognize the habitat the wealthy live on in space, its almost identical to that of the one in Halo.

The writers did a superb job distinguishing between the two classes of people. You have the wealthy, whom live clean and disease free lives running the world as they see fit; and than you have the poor/average folks who have to get by with the corrupt and unbalanced system the wealthy have put into place! Sound familiar?

This film receives a 10/10 for its well written storyline which brings real life problems into a world of fantasy, and its very well done graphics which make the action scenes MIND BLOWING!

By: Jeremy Kerber

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Evolution: The change in the inherited characteristics of a biological population. What would happen to the plant and Breakdownanimal life if man kinda ruined Earths Eco-system so bad that humans had to leave? Would they die off? Evolve and adapt to the new environment? Well in “After Earth” you get to find out and experience just that!

As the second “Father-Son” movie together, Jaden Smith (Kitai Raige) and Will Smith (Cypher Raige) make a fantastic team in this sci-fi action thriller. You can tell Will Smith definitely lets his son take the lead in this movie, given for the majority of the film you are focused on Jaden, but they still make a pretty good pair through out the movie, bringing that real life father-son drama to the screen.

The Original idea for this movie was to be a father-son camping trip gone wrong when their car goes careening off the road and the son would have to make his way threw the woods to find help for his injured father. But producer Will Smith and screen writer Gary Whitta decided to take the film on a much larger, sci-fi scale!

After Earth receives a 7/10 for overall performance. I found my self at the middle of the road with this movie, because the graphics and CGI are some of the best I have seen in a long time, but they go to great lengths to make sure its just the two of them on Earth and it felt a little rushed. Great movie to put on your wishlist, and its even kid friendly which is a plus!

By: Jeremy Kerber





What would happen if aliens came to invade earth and claim it as their own? Well as a scientist in the film “Battleship” so elegantly puts it, “If there is intelligent life out there ad they come here, it’s going to be like Columbus andBattleship Breakdown the Indians, only we’re the Indians.” Battleship is actually loosely based off the battleship board game, and is sponsored by Hasbro.

There hasn’t been a good Naval movie since “The Hunt for Red October“, so it was refreshing to watch a well done, and authentic Navy movie! The writers did a great job with character development, giving you more than enough detail to appreciate each of main characters you follow. The movie is action packed, keeping you on the edge of your seat, and with the fantastic special effects, you feel as if your a sailor in the United States Navy on board a destroyer fighting off aliens!

I decided to give this movie a 9/10 for outstanding graphics, and a plot that keeps you entertained and in suspense. Its also pretty cool and unique knowing the background of this movie came from a board game we all grew up playing!

By: Jeremy Kerber




“You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?” One of Riddick’s famous lines used threw out the Riddick franchise, and without fail, Vin Diesel delivers the bone chilling line! “Riddick” was originally exposed to be titled “The Chronicles ofRiddick breakdown Riddick: Deadman Stalking” but during production the film was put in jeopardy when there was a delay in financing, but Vin Diesel funded the film until the loan came threw and they renamed the movie to “Riddick”.

The movie was very well done and has some amazing graphics. But with that being said, the plot is also a little slow. They spend half the movie focusing strictly on Riddick, and don’t spend much time developing a background for all the other characters. It also has a comparable plot to the movie “Pitch Black“, where Riddick must put aside his lust for killing and team up with the people hunting him to survive an attack from the indigenous, blood lusting creatures.

All in all, “Riddick” was a solid movie worth seeing on the big screen! Guaranteed to keep you entertained and focused, leaving you satisfied at the end of the movie. Riddick receives an 8/10 rating, but is not kid approved.

By: Jeremy Kerber