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The Purge, a whole new out look on crime control! Once a year from 7 pm to 7 am all emergency services are suspended and all crimes become legal. BreakdownJames Sandin (Ethan Hawke) is a home security salesman who lives in a private, safe community with his family. During the purge, Charlie Sandin (Max Burkholder) spots a man in danger and feeling bad for him, lets him into the house. Unfortunately this man is being hunted by a pack of privileged individuals and they threaten the Sandins to release the man to them or they will come in and kill everyone!

This movie was rather enjoyable, it actually touches on a true aspect of human nature, we are all primal somewhere deep inside. The purge allows for a 12 hour release! I don’t condone it but in many ways already exists in video games or violet movies (Like this one). The Purge receives a 6/10 for ingenuity and cleaver thinking, but could have been better!

By: Cinema Junky

930353 - Captain Phillips



“God I wanna throw a shield at somebody” stated Tom Hanks during an interview with Showbiz411 about his new movie, “Captain Phillips”; when he proclaimed his desire to play a superhero! But even though he hasn’t gotten to playBreakdown a superhero, he did a remarkable job playing a merchant mariner, Captain Phillips. Tom Hanks spend days with Richard Phillips (The real captain of the Maersk Alabama) learning his personality and hearing about Richards horrific experience first hand.

Tom Hanks describes the movie best when he says, “This film is anxiety filled yet very entertaining.” He is completely correct, throughout the whole movie I was literally on the edge of my seat and couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Some crew members of the Maersk Alabama are unhappy with the movie, saying that it doesn’t show the real life events properly and that Captain Phillips shouldn’t have been portrayed as a hero since it was his arrogance that put them in pirate infested waters. But I didn’t see him being portrayed as a hero, just merely a victim.

“Captain Phillips” receives a 10/10, director Paul Greengrass and legendary actor Tom Hanks went above and beyond to reveal what really happened on board the Maersk Alabama, yet keeping it entertaining! This film is a little heavy for children, but is only rated PG-13.

By: Cinema Junky

Maersk Alabama hijacking

Maersk Alabama hijacking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Richard Phillips

English: Richard Phillips (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





“I hate space”, says Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), offering some comical relief to this intense science fiction thriller, while she floats alone in space! Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and Ryan Stone ( Sandra Bullock) make a fantastic team together, you can just feel theBreakdown chemistry radiate off the movie screen; although the original casting had Angelina Jolie & Robert Downey Jr, I feel the movie was superb with who performed!

I was originally concerned I wouldn’t enjoy gravity due to the fact the trailers reminded me of “Open Water” and were very cryptic. But it was a pleasant suprise to be wrong! The movie languished in development for four years because director Cauron was unhappy with the technology of the time and wanted to wait for it to improve so he could satisfy his vision for the movie. During the “Space Walk” scenes, they actually only filmed the faces of the actors and digitally created their bodies to give them a more realistic movement.

Gravity receives a 10/10 for its dynamic scale and impressive detail that they went into to give you an authentic space experience! Catch this thriller on an IMAX 3D screen now for the full affect before its to late!

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Who says geeks cant be action heroes? Well in the movie “Firewall“, action hero Harrison Ford plays “Jack Stanfield”, a bank network security administrator, who is blackmailed into stealing money while his family is held captive. BreakdownAs a Harrison Ford fan, it was unique to watch him play a role that was out of his normal acting style.

Firewall was a pretty well done movie. Although it does still fall into the cookie cutter sequencing of a “Family hostage movie”. But like the others, firewall has a unique spin, setting it apart. If your looking for an intense shoot-em up movie, Firewall is not for you; they bring a healthy balance of a action and thriller which truly makes this movie an enjoyable experience.

This film receives a 6/10 because although it was similar to its counterparts, it still made for a good movie and an enjoyable time. I actually picked up firewall in the Walmart $5 bin, so I definitely suggest you pick up your copy and plan a date night!

By: Jeremy Kerber




Have you ever had to call 911? How would you feel if Halle Berry showed up to save the day?The Call breakdown

This crime thriller is based in Los Angeles, California where you will follow a 911 dispatcher named Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) go about her normal day with L.A.P.D Dispatch. Unfortunately this is no ordinary day for Jordan when she receives a horrific call that she becomes emotionally involved in and going well beyond the duties of her job.

The Call” was a reasonably good movie until the last half hour when Jordan takes the case into her own hands, out wit’s a crime scene unit, and saves the day. I originally was going to give this movie an 8, but after the ending of this movie it received a 5 for at least providing a little entertainment.

The Call is now available on DVD & Blu-ray. I do no recommend this movie for children due to violence and adult content.

By: Jeremy Kerber