Cinema Junky Rating Scale

MOVIE RANKING SYSTEMThe following is a breakdown for the scale of 1-10:

0/10: Not even worth watching….

1/10: Not just horrible, but absolutely, utterly despicable. In poor taste, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Will likely appeal to no one (perhaps not even the filmmakers).

2/10: Undeniably terrible. Generally a waste of time. Few, if any, tolerable approaches to filmmaking. Should appeal to a very miniscule group (perhaps just those involved with production).

3/10: Pathetic filmmaking, ridiculous acting and an overall pitiful film. However, a specific niche of people may actually appreciate the movie. But still not good enough for a guilty pleasure.

4/10: A film that couldn’t have been good if it tried, but does a decent job of being bad. This rating could apply to subpar cult films and movies just south of perfectly mediocre. Many films receiving this rating are quite forgettable.

5/10: Right on the border. Nothing particularly worthwhile to speak of, but nothing all that bad either. Generally not too memorable. Take it or leave it.

6/10: Could be so bad it’s actually good. Has plenty of potential. Several aspects of the film are noticeably well-conceived, but overall it fails to leave its mark on the genre. Worth a rent if you’re curious.

7/10: Not a bad film at all. Contains several noteworthy aspects, such as acting, cinematography, direction or score, but the film is simply lacking in some area. Should appeal to general audiences who don’t want to think too much. Definitely not a waste of time.

8/10: A must-see movie, whether it be in a theater or as a rental. So many things work well for the film, though there may be a single aspect that could have been handled more cleverly. A film connoisseur’s delight.

9/10: Almost perfect. Everything is approached with precision and skill, and the entertainment value is remarkably high. Don’t wait – watch it in the theater to get the full experience.

10/10: Absolutely outstanding. A masterpiece. This is a film that you can either watch over and over again, or the emotional resonance will simply stay with you forever. No flaws worth mentioning. Surely a title to include on a personal list of “Top 10” films of the year (or possibly even all-time Top 100 or Top 500 depending on how dedicated you are to list-making).


Now for those of you wondering about the happy to crying faces, I use these as a buy, rent, or do not own at all scale,information follows below:




One of my favorites, will watch on a regular basis and will always remember.


Enjoyable, and I didn’t hate it, worth spending the money.


I’d watch it once, and than let it sit on my book shelf for 10 years.


Wasn’t even worth seeing in theaters, let alone paying money to own it.


Burn this movie now, does not even deserve to exist!


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