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Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie star in this dramatic thriller, “The Tourist“. This film starts out as every mans dream. Your a single guy in Europe travelingBreakdown on a train when an attractive woman comes up and starts to flirt with you!

The tourist offers a wide variety of genres, has a feel of a romance, lots of action thrown in, all topped with some comedy! Elise (Angelina Jolie) is under surveillance by the French Police when she receives a note from Alex Pearce (Her lover) instructing her to board a train to Venice, pick a man that looks like him, and make the police believe its him! The man she happens to pick is Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp), a community college math teacher. You spend the majority of the movie watching a complicated romance bloom between the two unlikely pair, but the end is quite a surprise and will catch you off guard!

This film receives a 7/10 for a very unique and well written plot, and I always love a twist at the end! Great movie for the whole family, although some parts small children might not understand.

By: Cinema Junky






“I hate space”, says Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), offering some comical relief to this intense science fiction thriller, while she floats alone in space! Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and Ryan Stone ( Sandra Bullock) make a fantastic team together, you can just feel theBreakdown chemistry radiate off the movie screen; although the original casting had Angelina Jolie & Robert Downey Jr, I feel the movie was superb with who performed!

I was originally concerned I wouldn’t enjoy gravity due to the fact the trailers reminded me of “Open Water” and were very cryptic. But it was a pleasant suprise to be wrong! The movie languished in development for four years because director Cauron was unhappy with the technology of the time and wanted to wait for it to improve so he could satisfy his vision for the movie. During the “Space Walk” scenes, they actually only filmed the faces of the actors and digitally created their bodies to give them a more realistic movement.

Gravity receives a 10/10 for its dynamic scale and impressive detail that they went into to give you an authentic space experience! Catch this thriller on an IMAX 3D screen now for the full affect before its to late!

By: Cinema Junky