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Thanks yall!

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“I hate space”, says Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), offering some comical relief to this intense science fiction thriller, while she floats alone in space! Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and Ryan Stone ( Sandra Bullock) make a fantastic team together, you can just feel theBreakdown chemistry radiate off the movie screen; although the original casting had Angelina Jolie & Robert Downey Jr, I feel the movie was superb with who performed!

I was originally concerned I wouldn’t enjoy gravity due to the fact the trailers reminded me of “Open Water” and were very cryptic. But it was a pleasant suprise to be wrong! The movie languished in development for four years because director Cauron was unhappy with the technology of the time and wanted to wait for it to improve so he could satisfy his vision for the movie. During the “Space Walk” scenes, they actually only filmed the faces of the actors and digitally created their bodies to give them a more realistic movement.

Gravity receives a 10/10 for its dynamic scale and impressive detail that they went into to give you an authentic space experience! Catch this thriller on an IMAX 3D screen now for the full affect before its to late!

By: Cinema Junky





Wow, thats the first thought that comes to mind when I think of the movie “Elysium”. I originally wasn’t that interested in seeing this film, from the previews it didn’t seem like a movie worth seeing in theaters. But oh boy was I Breakdownwrong, it was just down right awesome!

Elysium had the feeling of “Water World” and “Dooms Day”, but kick-ass futuristic weapons and vehicles thrown in and you have your self a movie! For all you “HALO” fans, you may actually recognize the habitat the wealthy live on in space, its almost identical to that of the one in Halo.

The writers did a superb job distinguishing between the two classes of people. You have the wealthy, whom live clean and disease free lives running the world as they see fit; and than you have the poor/average folks who have to get by with the corrupt and unbalanced system the wealthy have put into place! Sound familiar?

This film receives a 10/10 for its well written storyline which brings real life problems into a world of fantasy, and its very well done graphics which make the action scenes MIND BLOWING!

By: Jeremy Kerber




“I’ll be back”, “Yippie Kay Yay”, “I only work a lone”. Just a few of the catch phrases that come from some of the legendary action movie stars that you are gonna see in “Expendables 2″.  Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger Expendables 2 Breakdown(god he has a long last name to spell) actually have a more substantial role in this film compared to the first Expendables. Since every one is curious of the “Top Cast Members” here is a list: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude van damme, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Terry Crews. During production one stuntman died and another was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

If you are looking for a major change from the first Expendables, you will be disappointed. Its still just a movie with the most famous action movie actors doing what they do best, kicking ass and using their overly used and cheesy lines. But occasionally its nice to have a mindless movie with lots of explosions and testosterone!

Expendables two received a 6/10. The plot wasn’t horrible, flowed well, and didn’t bore me! Of course the acting was epic, and with all the explosions, special effects, and ass kicking, I found it hard not to give it a 10/10, but due to its similarity to the first, I had to knock a few points off.

By: Jeremy Kerber