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Have any of you ever had a stalker in your life? Well in this B-Grade comedy, Steve (Bradley Cooper), a camera man for a local news agency is setup by his mother on a blind date with Mary (Sandra Bullock), and she turns out to be a Breakdownclass A stalker! Mary takes a comment wrong on the first date and believes that Steve wants her to travel with him around the country. She than spends the next few weeks tracking down Steve at his various work sites!

I went into this movie looking for a feel-good, romantic comedy. But sadly I was met with a B-Grade, half assed comedy that didn’t bring much to the movie screen. “All About Steve” has actually received two Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies) for being the worst movie of 2009. I will be giving this film a 3/10 for the little bit of humor you do receive, and Sandra Bullocks unique acting style in this particular movie.

By: Cinema Junky




Fools Gold is a hilariously funny adventure that takes you on the search for a mysterious sunken pirate ship, lost treasure, and true love. Based in the Caribbean, they decided to film the movie in Queensland, Australia due to hurricane season, offering Fools Gold breakdownbreath-taking views and also reuniting the “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” stars, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson who play two treasure hunters, Finn and Tess. Bringing a dynamic, comical performance to this film.

Tom Cruise was originally considered for the role of Finn, and although Tom Cruise is a fantastic actor, Matthew McConaughey fits this role like a glove. His “surfer dude” attitude, and his love for acting with out a shirt on are just what bring this movie from good to great. The writers did a superb job keeping the viewer on their toes, going on underwater adventures, riding on fancy yacht, even trash landing an airplane.

This film receives an 8/10 for an excellent plot and superior acting. But I had to knock a few points off because there is still a lot of “stupid humor” through out the movie that wont appeal to a particular audience.

Fools Gold has been out on DVD & Blu-ray and is a good laugh for the whole family!

by: Jeremy Kerber