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The Purge, a whole new out look on crime control! Once a year from 7 pm to 7 am all emergency services are suspended and all crimes become legal. BreakdownJames Sandin (Ethan Hawke) is a home security salesman who lives in a private, safe community with his family. During the purge, Charlie Sandin (Max Burkholder) spots a man in danger and feeling bad for him, lets him into the house. Unfortunately this man is being hunted by a pack of privileged individuals and they threaten the Sandins to release the man to them or they will come in and kill everyone!

This movie was rather enjoyable, it actually touches on a true aspect of human nature, we are all primal somewhere deep inside. The purge allows for a 12 hour release! I don’t condone it but in many ways already exists in video games or violet movies (Like this one). The Purge receives a 6/10 for ingenuity and cleaver thinking, but could have been better!

By: Cinema Junky