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“God I wanna throw a shield at somebody” stated Tom Hanks during an interview with Showbiz411 about his new movie, “Captain Phillips”; when he proclaimed his desire to play a superhero! But even though he hasn’t gotten to playBreakdown a superhero, he did a remarkable job playing a merchant mariner, Captain Phillips. Tom Hanks spend days with Richard Phillips (The real captain of the Maersk Alabama) learning his personality and hearing about Richards horrific experience first hand.

Tom Hanks describes the movie best when he says, “This film is anxiety filled yet very entertaining.” He is completely correct, throughout the whole movie I was literally on the edge of my seat and couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Some crew members of the Maersk Alabama are unhappy with the movie, saying that it doesn’t show the real life events properly and that Captain Phillips shouldn’t have been portrayed as a hero since it was his arrogance that put them in pirate infested waters. But I didn’t see him being portrayed as a hero, just merely a victim.

“Captain Phillips” receives a 10/10, director Paul Greengrass and legendary actor Tom Hanks went above and beyond to reveal what really happened on board the Maersk Alabama, yet keeping it entertaining! This film is a little heavy for children, but is only rated PG-13.

By: Cinema Junky

Maersk Alabama hijacking

Maersk Alabama hijacking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Richard Phillips

English: Richard Phillips (Photo credit: Wikipedia)