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In this epic sequel to “28 Days Later“, the United States Army moves into London, UK six months after the initial outbreak to create a small safe zone in the heart of the city. Their mission is to secure, rebuild, and repopulate great BreakdownBritain. Everything is going as planned when all hell breaks loose and a handful of individuals must make it to safety!

Its no secret that I enjoy a good zombie movie, but both “28 Days Later”, and “28 Weeks Later” have taken the zombie industry to a whole new level. The military presence in 28 Weeks Later definitely makes it more interesting and gives the civilian population a greater chance of survival. This film receives a 8/10 for how realistic they make it feel and the amount of detail they go into.

By: Cinema Junky





World War Z is a full throttle, high-speed zombie movie guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. A mixture of drama, adventure, and of course zombie killing keeps the viewer immersed in the movie just waiting to see what happens World War Z breakdownnext, incomparable to other top shelf zombie movies like “Dawn of the Dead” or the “28 Days later” series.

Brad Pitt did an excellent job balancing his normal kick ass attitude with a passive aggressive United Nations employee. The plot is very believable and not to far-fetched, and refreshing to see our worlds governments surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Setting this movie apart from others, instead of a man-made virus infecting the world, World War Z’s infection started from mother nature. As a scientist states in the movie, “Mother nature is a serial killer, she wants to get caught, she leaves bread crumbs, she leaves clues, and she knows how to disguise her weakness as strength” bringing an extra layer of realism to the movie.

I gave World War Z a 9/10 because although epic, they rushed the movie. You find your self quickly jumping from one country to the next, finding clues related to the out break, but never spending enough time in one spot to fully go into detail. This is a text-book movie vs. book paradox.

World War Z is still in theaters, but once released to DVD & Blu-Ray, it will be on my Must have/Top picks categories!

By: Jeremy Kerber